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Forum Spam - Bots - False Advertisements - UPDATE - Please Read
10-26-2011, 01:02 PM
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Forum Spam - Bots - False Advertisements - UPDATE - Please Read
Hey Guy's,

I'm back, and I understand the forums' have not been that active lately and it's becoming filled up with spam, and spambots posting random word-links for users to click. Please understand we cannot beat every spambot system that sign's up - we try our best, and try to get them removed and banned as soon as possible.

Warning: Please do NOT click ANY OF THE LINKs posted on this forum without verification or know if there trusted. If a member of this forum has a status on the forum such as a Alienlayer Staff or a Trusted member or a active member - I'd make sure when you highlight it to see where it's going to direct you, but when the username looks like spam, or it's flooded with ton's of links and different words - even if it says things like "Click here for a free Alienlayer VPS" trust me, it's not real or going to happen in any way, none of our virtual servers are free - it's spammers trying to obtain your passwords or private information.

We have installed another system and have hired extra help to maintain our social ways such as the forums and also to even assist with our helpdesk to provide you that quick response time for support that we try to always meet and provide our clients.

But, if you notice some one that has spammed a thread or created a spam thread please click the report link or warn them and we will remove them and perm. ban there account and IP address so they cannot just re-sign up, before our spam system was just banning the usernames and not removing there accounts nor text, and it was just allowing them to re-sign up on the same IP address 24 hours later, but now all the bans we have banned them by IP for life - and now we will be double checking every user that sign's up.

I'm also working on setting up a system that if your a client of Alienlayer - and have a active service you will have a special membership and access to a private section of Tips, Tuts, and different things provided by our staff and we will run contests and advertisements for our CLIENT-only members to join in and be apart of it and so you know if there a verified member and such, as the only way you can obtain this membership as by being a verified - (this is coming soon - I'll update the thread when this active - ETA: 10/31/2011-11/2/2011).

If you have any question's about the forum's, or what's being said here, or anything related to this forum or social related account's we operate and own you can direct all question's to this thread and I will personally assist you.

If you notice any spam on the board please if you can, post the LINK here and the USERNAME and we will remove them as soon as possible as we are not able to check every thread and every post to see if there's spam, we tried our best but with your help we can clean all of it up to make it overall a better time for you.

Warm Regards,

AlienLayer - / /
"Abducting the Competition!" Cool
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