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Get on VPS
10-05-2011, 10:08 AM
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Get on VPS
Ok so i'm totally new to Linux VPS system. What I'm wondering is how do i access the desktop like in windows i would use Remote Desktop how would i do so for Linux i'm using a Windows Vista laptop and i bought a Fedora 14 - (32-bit). So i'm just wondering how do i go about on it also my msn is it would be much appreciated if someone could help me out. Thanks
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10-09-2011, 10:28 AM
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RE: Get on VPS
Hi Reprisal,

Hi, there's a few issues that I need to point out to you, and it should help you with your services and requirements.

1) I do not have MSN; But you may e-mail me personally for any question's or if you would like some help or pointers I can speak to you directly through here by posting or you may e-mail me here at: and I'll be glad to assist you with any questions' you have. I check my e-mail multiple times a day, and when I'm at work it's alway's open for me to check.

2) Windows is a GUI-based operating system; which allows you to connect to a user-friendly interface.

3) Linux is a UNIX based Operating System which is not a GUI Interface Based Operating system; you do not access a Linux Server or Linux Machine via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC is only available for Windows Servers or Windows Machines). You access linux through a terminal, or a SSH program/client.

A linux terminal is like a Command Prompt for Windows;

A great program to access your Linux VPS is a program called "puTTy", you may google that and it will provide you a download link, it's the most popular client that is able to be used on Windows Machines to access people's linux machines/servers/computers.

Linux does not have a interface or a desktop feature like Windows does, Linux is more of a server-type operating system, and does not have all the gadgets and user-friendly applications and system's. It's more of a expereinced operating system for users that know how to manage a unix based operating system and know the commands and tools, systems, and configurations to manage and operate one.

4) There is add-ons and Linux Based operating system's that offer special versions such as: Ubuntu-Gnome_DESKTOP which we do have some of these available that if you login to your VPS Control panel ( and click reinstall operating system you may look for one that says Gnome Desktop or one that has "desktop" included in the name - and install that one, but these ones require at least 1GB+ Dedicated Ram to run correctly, and successfully. Then you may access it like a Windows Machine - but it's still unix based, and still controlled but your able to access it through a software called VNC (TightVNC, RealVNC, etc).

If you have any question's please do let me know - I can also help you learn, and answer any question's you might have if you wish to give me a e-mail at

Linux might not be what exactly you thought it was - and might not be the best solution for you if you don't have knowledge of running or managing a unix based machine.

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